Enlarge Your Coin with Magnified Coin Capsules

26 Sep 2022  Mon

Enlarge Your Coin with Magnified Coin Capsules Lighthouse Magnicaps square capsules are integrated with a magnificent lens which makes a coin larger than it actually is. Thus, a selected coin is highlighted elegantly and all the details are visible. The capsule contains black foam. Excellent protection of your collectable coins by a transparent plastic treated with anti-scratch. It can store coins up to 20 mm. The exterior dimension is 50 x 50 x 22 mm. The human hands are considered to be the most contaminated part of the body. It can hold various contaminated stuff such as sweat, oil, bacteria, fungi, corona virus. In such an era of the corona, you must need to take extra caution. The normal soft plastic like polyvinyl chloride or PVC will start to breakdown and will turn acidic. This causes coins to react with the atmosphere. Also, sunlight has a bleaching effect due to the ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays lead to the fading of bright colours of your collectables. To prevent this from happening, use acid-free Lighthouse MAGNICAPS Coin Capsules.

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