Coins to be cared for too!

22 Sep 2022  Thu

Personalize your collection with these transparent refills for coins with insertion strips without acid plasticizer. It can protect and preserve your coins. The sheets are transparent. Each sheet can hold 54 coins up to 20mm in size. The name of the product is “Lighthouse Coins Sheets OPTIMA for 54 coins up to 20 mm clear”.

There are plenty of other portals and vendors where you will find all kinds of coin accessories and postage stamp accessories. The single sheet can carry 54 coins up to 20mm size. So, a large number of coins will be in your sight.

What makes Mintage World’s offerings different from the rest, is our ultimate quest for quality. Through our website, you can browse through philatelic accessories manufactured by the top brands of the world. It is here where you can rest assured that your collection is going to be preserved and protected most optimally.

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