Miman Sinan Commemorative Stamp

23 Sep 2022  Fri

Miman Sinan, also known as Mimar Koca Sinan, was the greatest architect of the Ottoman Empire’s architectural heritage. He is believed born in 1490 and grew up in the village of A??rnas near the city of Kayseri.

Miman Sinan is the most celebrated architect of Ottoman. His ideas perfected in the construction of mosques and other buildings. He is responsible for constructing more than 300 structures and another model project. For 50 years, Miman Sinan remained the chief architect in the palace of the Ottoman Empire. He worked with a large team of assistants consisting of architects and master builders. His three most famous buildings are ?ehzade Mosque, the Mosque of Süleyman I of Istanbul and the Selim Mosque at Edirne.

The Government of Albania issued his commemorative stamp in 2008 to commemorate him and his work.

Image Courtesy: colnect.com

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