Battle of the Alma Commemorative Stamp

21 Sep 2022  Wed

The Battle of Alma is generally considered the Battle of the Crimean War It was fought on 20th September 1854, between British, French, and Turkish forces on one side and Russian on the other.

In the Crimean War, Queen Victoria's colorful little army, according to a Russian officer, won a great victory because of its manner of attack. Britain and France joined Turkey in a war against Russia; the main theatre of war was in the Crimean Peninsula.

With the defeat of Napoleon in 1815, Europe entered into a long period of peace. Hence, the success of Russia gave Britain and France a reason to forget past rivalry and combine to help Turkey, which had been attacked by Russia in Walachia and the Black Sea. As a result, Britain and France declared war on Russia on 28th March 1854.

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