Gibraltar's 50 Pound Banknote

20 Sep 2022  Tue

The Gibraltar pound is the official currency of Gibraltar since 1934. Although the Bank of England backs the notes and coins, they are only legal tender within Gibraltar. In 2010, the government of Gibraltar introduced new notes in denominations of 10 pounds and 50 pounds.

The 50 Gibraltar pounds note front design features the main background of the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II (Queen of the United Kingdom and 15 other commonwealth realms), the National Coat of Arms, and the stylized letter G alluding to the initial letter of the name of the nation (Gibraltar).

The reverse of the note presents an illustration of the Grand Casemates Square, which is the largest of the two main squares in the city center of Gibraltar. This note is part of the 2010 series, and its color is red and brown on a multi-color underprint.

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