British Indian Ocean Territory Shows Coconut Crab Stamp

16 Sep 2022  Fri

The coconut crab has been known to scientists since the voyages of Francis Drake around 1580. It is also called coconut crab, robber crab, and palm thief. In Japan, the species is typically referred to as Yashigani.

It is mostly found in the Indian Ocean and some parts of the Pacific Ocean. Their diet includes fleshy fruits, nuts, seeds, and the pith of fallen trees, carrion, and other organic matters.

It is listed in the vulnerable species list. Adult coconut crabs are large in size. It is eaten as a delicacy. They live alone in burrows and rock crevices, depending on the local terrain. They dig their own burrows in sand or loose soil. During the day, the animal stays hidden to reduce water loss from heat. The coconut crabs' burrows contain very fine yet strong fibers of the coconut husk which the animal uses as bedding.

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