The Commemorative Silver Coin of Gnaeus Pompeius

02 Sep 2022  Fri

Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus usually known as Pompey or Pompey the Great was a military and political leader of the late Roman Republic.

He was born into Roman nobility and achieved, at a young age, great success as a general. He was consul of Rome three times and celebrated an equal number of triumphs. Late in life he chose to oppose his former ally of the First Triumvirate, Julius Caesar and was soundly defeated at Pharsalus. His days ended in Egypt, a victim of assassination while on the run following the defeat.

The commemorative Silver Coin of Gnaeus Pompeius was issued to celebrate the ending of the Third Servile war. The coin depicts the bare head of Pompeius Magnus looking right on the obverse. The reverse features Neptune standing left, holding aplustre in his hand and with his right foot on a prow; to left and right, one of the Catanaean brothers bearing his parent on his shoulders.

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