Botswana's 200-Pula note of 2009

18 Aug 2022  Thu

The pula is the currency of Botswana. Pula literally means "rain" in Setswana, because rain is very scarce in Botswana—home to much of the Kalahari Desert—and therefore valuable and a blessing. The word also serves as the national motto of the country.

The pula was introduced on 23 August 1976, subsequently known as "Pula Day", replacing the rand at par. The current family of banknotes used in Botswana was launched on August 21, 2009. The banknotes family includes five notes in a denomination structure comprising P10, P20, P50, P100, and P200.

The banknote is purple with the artwork of a woman teaching pupils on the obverse. The concept is intended primarily to underscore the contribution of women to the country’s development through education. The reverse of the coin depicts a picture of a herd of zebras at a waterhole.

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