50 Nigerian Naira banknote of Nigeria

16 Aug 2022  Tue

The Central Bank of Nigeria issued this Nigerian Naira Banknote in 2009. These banknotes are issued in 9 different denominations, including this 50 Nigerian Naira banknote. They are part of the current Nigerian Naira banknotes series and are still in circulation.

Naira is the national currency of Nigeria; the word Naira is the contraction of “Nigeria”. The Nigerian Naira was introduced in 1973, replacing the Nigerian Pound. The Nigerian Naira currency sign is NGN and subdivided into100 kobo.

This blue-colored polymer banknote of 50 Naira features the People of Nigeria, showing four portraits of Nigerians on the front side. The backside of this banknote depicts the image of three fishermen at work.

Image Courtesy: colnect.com

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