Four Deer on Five Rupees Note

03 Aug 2022  Wed

The reverse of the five rupee note features, 4 Deer, translated as ‘5 Rupees’ in 13 different languages and a Reserve Bank of India seal on the left of the watermark.

The obverse of the note shows the Ashoka emblem on the right side and is inscribed with, ‘RESERVE BANK OF INDIA. GUARANTEED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT. I PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER THE SUM OF FIVE RUPEES.

Deer symbolize the biodiversity of the country. Deer are portrayed since the Paleolithic era through cave paintings. Sarukkai Jagannathan was the tenth Governor of the Reserve Bank of India.

You can start or expand the Indian note collection with this valuable note. Here, we present a 5 Rupees note of 1970 bearing the signature of S. Jagannathan with inset letter A. An image of four gazelles is portrayed on the reverse. Serial number and prefix letter (A, B, C, D) may vary from image.

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