Shri Dam Legends on Dhinglo

28 Jul 2022  Thu

Nawanagar Princely state was situated in Kathiawar on the south of the Gulf of Kutch. The region is now known as Jamnagar city. It covered an area of 3,791 square miles and as per the 1901 census and had a population of 336,779. The rulers used the title of “Jam Sahib” and had close nexus with Rao of Kutch. This state was entitled to 15-gun salutes by the British.

Nawanagar was ruled by the Jadeja dynasty from 1540 AD to 1948 AD. Jam Shri Rawalji established Nawanagar near the banks of Nagmati and Rangmati. He was a descendent of Jam Halla who claimed to be heir of Lord Krishna.

Nawanagar flag was rectangular with three white and red strips each of the same size. It was a part of the Kathiawad Agency, under the Gujarat Division of Bombay presidency. The wealth of the state came from trade and most essentially from pearl fishery.

The copper Dhinglo of Nawanagar depicts, ‘Shri Jam in Devanagari, AH date’ on the front side and Persian legends on the backside of the coin.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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