Silver 15-Mana Biface Coin of Kuru Janapada

02 Jul 2022  Sat

Kuru was the name of the Vedic Indo-Aryan tribal group during the Vedic Period into the late Bronze and Iron Ages. The Kuru janapada was located around the modern city of Delhi, with its capital at Indraprastha.

Mahapadma Nanda incorporated the Kuru domain into the Magadhan Empire around 350 BCE. The Kuru Janapada coins are biface coins tend to have broader flans Perhaps they were uniface coins that were counterstruck on the reverse with the symbol of Magadha after Mahapadma Nanda annexed the Kuru region to his kingdom.

The obverse of the coin features Triskele type shape with central pellet and pellets in the curves of the arms, pelleted crescents ringing the outside. The Reverse depicts a Six-arm symbol with arrows and taurines, pelleted annulets between the arms.

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