Hero of the Gauchos on 200 Peso Banknote

02 Jul 2022  Sat

On 23 May 2022, the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina unveiled a set of eight banknotes featuring heroes and cultural figures instead of animals as on the preceding issues but retaining the same color schemes.

The 200-peso note depicts Martin Miguel de Guemes “Hero of the Gauchos - a military leader in the War of Independence. The banknote also depicts Juana Azurduy as one of the most important heroines of independence.

The front of the banknote features Spanish text, denomination along with flowers, the portraits of Martin Miguel de Guemes and Juana Azurduy, and a poncho in OVI. The backside of the banknote depicts Spanish text, a coat of arms along with a group of soldiers on horseback during Campana Gaucha, and a sunburst.

Image Courtesy: banknotenews.com

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