Argentina’s First Lady on Banknote

29 Jun 2022  Wed

The 100-peso note is a tribute to the legendary Maria Eva Duarte de Peron – a legendary activist and Argentina’s first lady.

Eva Peron promoted equal political rights for men and women and fought for social and labor rights, as well. She was a political and social activist who founded the Peronist Women Party and provided social aid channeled through the Eva Peron Foundation until her untimely death in 1952.

She left an indelible mark as an upholder of social and labor rights, and an enthusiastic promoter of measures in favor of women’s equality, and greater inclusion for the most underprivileged sectors. The Argentina 100 pesos banknote is part of the series issued in 2012 to commemorate the 60th Death Anniversary of Eva Evita Peron.

The right part of the obverse of the banknote has the portrait of Maria Eva Duarte de Peron. It also bears scales as a registration device. The front also features the denomination in SPARK, flowers, a tree, and an olive branch. The reverse features the Ara Pacis Augustae or the Altar of Augustan Peace in Rome. A flower, a cornucopia, scales, and the nation’s Coat of Arms are also visible.

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