Jahangir Silver Taurus Zodiac Rupee

25 May 2022  Wed

This coin is a Silver Zodiac Rupee, minted by Jahangir who being a great patron of the arts, took a keen interest in coinage during his reign. The Zodiac coins were the most unique ones among his innovative coinage.

The zodiac series was issued from several mints (with Agra being the primary) and was minted over three or four years. Each month was represented by an appropriate sign of the Zodiac, recording its particular month of issue.

The ''Tuzuk-e-Jahangiri'' mentions that Jahangir ordered to replace the month with the zodiac sign and moved all the information like the Emperor's name, date, and place of mint to the reverse. He issued gold and silver coins with all twelve Zodiac signs.

The obverse of this features coin forepart of bull right, representing Taurus, radiate sun behind, legend below with RY date 13. The reverse features Legend, naming Jahangir, mint Ahmedabad and AH date 1027.

Image Courtesy: todywallaauctions.com

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