International Geological Congress Event was commemorated!

23 May 2022  Mon

The Indian government has commemorated the 36th International GeologicaL Congress event by issuing a stamp. The 36th International Geological Congress is based on the Geoscience theme. IGC is a joint endeavor of the Ministry of Mines, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Indian National Science Academy, and the Science Academies of Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

The event would provide a unique platform for knowledge and experience sharing in the field of geosciences and professional networking. The member countries of the subcontinent- Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka took great pride and pleasure in inviting the 36th International Geological Congress in 2020.

The logo of the congress is derived from the lotus form which is a recurring motif in Indian architecture since ancient times. The lotus cut as it is known can still be seen in the priceless jewels of the Mughals. The color of the logo - sandstone is inspired by the sandstone used in many monuments in Delhi and is a typical feature of the architecture of Delhi.

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