Fifty Years of Arunachal Pradesh

21 May 2022  Sat

Arunachal Pradesh was formed on 20th February 1987. Its border touches the states of Assam and Nagaland to the south. It shares international borders with Bhutan in the west, Myanmar in the east, and a disputed border with China in the north at the McMahon Line. The highest peak in the state is Kangto. They have 750 species of birds.

The state is the largest of the Seven Sister States of Northeast India. The main tribes of the state are Adi, Nyshi, Singpho, Galo, Tagin, Apatani, etc. The population of the state speaks languages such as Nyishi, Adi, Nepali, Tagin, Bhotia, Wancho, Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Chakma, Apatani, Mishmi, Tangsa, Nocte, Bhojpuri, and Sadri.

The emblem of Arunachal Pradesh shows a pair of hornbill birds. The important animal of the state is Mithun. The Hornbill bird is the pride of the state. The Foxtail orchid is the most popular flower in the state. Hollong is the tree of the state.

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