Square Coin of Bahawalpur

20 May 2022  Fri

An adjoined copper paisa of the square-shaped coin was minted at Ahmadpur by Alhaj Muhammad Bahawal khan V in 1312 AH. The obverse of the coin features, “Star above cresent, flanked by sprigs” and the reverse of the coin features, “Zarb Bahahawalpur and AH year 1321”.

The princely state of Bhawalpur was a part of British India and later Pakistan. It existed from 1802 to 1955 and was a part of the Punjab States Agency. The capital of the state was the town of Bhawalpur. It was under the political control of the government of Punjab in the pre-Independence era.

In 1802, after the breakup of the Durrani Empire, the Bhawalpur State was founded by NawabBahawal Khan Abbasi. On 22 February 1833, his successor Nawab Mohammad Bahawal Khan Abbasi III entered into a subsidiary alliance with the British which admitted the state was a princely state of British India.

When India became independent of British rule in 1947 and partitioned into two states India and Pakistan, Bahawalpur joined the Dominion of Pakistan. Bahawalpur remained an autonomous entity till 14 October 1955 when it was merged with the province of West Pakistan.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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