Papua New Guinea's 20-Kina Note

19 May 2022  Thu

Papua New Guinea’s red-brown 20 Kina banknote was issued by the Bank of Papua New Guinea in 2008 to celebrate the 2009 Kina & Toea Day on 19th April 2009.

On obverse the note features the coat of arms of the nation depicting a bird of paradise on a Kundu drum and a ceremonial spear. The front design also reflects the National Parliament building located in Port Moresby and the 35th anniversary logo of the BPNG.

The back of the note displays the head of a bore, a toea or a cowrie shell necklace from Madang, a toea armband from the Central Province, a decoration made of shells from the Western Province, and tapa cloth designs. It also has a watermark that reflects a shadow image of the bank seal, an electrotype BPNG, and Cornerstones.

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