Sterling Silver Rupee from Alwar

17 May 2022  Tue

Adjoined image is of a silver Rupee coin issued by Bakhtawar Singh. It was issued in the name of Muhammad Akbar II and minted at Rajgarh.

Alwar princely state was founded by Pratap Singh Prabhakar. The death of Aurangzeb followed internal conflicts among chieftains to acquire power. Initially, the Alwar fort was confiscated by Maharaja Surajmal of Bharatpur. But his son, Jawahar Singh lost it in the battle of Maonda- Mandoli to the Jaipur ruler. Later from Naruka clan captured the Alwar fort and established Alwar princely state. Naruka is believed to be a sub-clan of Kachchhwaha Rajputs, descended from Kusha, the eldest son of Rama.

Pratap Singh had no sons to succeed him. So, he adopted Bakhtawar Singh of Thana, the youngest son of Dhir Singh. He signed a treaty with the British which stipulated that the foreign relations of Alwar were to be regulated by the British government but they won’t interfere in internal matters of the state.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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