Cape Verde's 200 Escudos note of 2005

16 May 2022  Mon

The escudo is the currency of the Republic of Cape Verde. The escudo became the currency of Cape Verde in 1914 when it replaced the Cape Verdean real. In 1914, the Banco Nacional Ultramarino introduced notes in the denomination 50 centavos which were replaced with escudos in 1921.

In 2005 Cape Verde issued a set of new denominations out of which a 200 escudo banknote became a nomination of IBNS Bank Note of the Year in 2005. The banknote depicts, on the obverse, Schooner "Ernestinaā€¯. It is a schooner skippered by Robert Bartlett that made many scientific expeditions to the Arctic.

The reverse, on the other hand, depicts, Ilha do Sal Airport, airplanes, and Radio antenna denoting the progress in transportation and telecommunication of the country.

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