Athens Academy’s main temple on Banknote

12 May 2022  Thu

The Academy of Athens is the national academy, and the highest research academy establishes in Greece. This building was established in 1926, it is one of the major landmarks of Athens. The Academy of Athens is one of the marvellous examples of neoclassical architecture.

The Athens Academy is located in the city and it is modelled after an ancient Greek temple. This building serves as a link between Athens’ ancient past and the fast-paced present.

The Bank of Greece issued the banknotes featuring the Athens Academy in 10 different denominations. This 100 Greek Drachma was issued by the Bank of Greece in 1966 and these notes were withdrawn from circulation in 1977. The front side of this banknote features the Greek philosopher Democritus on the left side and the atom symbol on the right side of the note. The backside of the note depicts Athens Academy’s main temple building.

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