Last king of Illyria on Albania Banknote

31 Mar 2022  Thu

The last king of Illyria was Gentius who belonged to the Labeatan dynasty. He ruled from 181–168 BC and was the son of Pleuratus III. He is known as a statesman, a warrior, a scientist, and a man with remarkable achievements in economics.

The Banka E Shqiperise issued 2000 Albanian Lek banknotes in the year 2007. The front of the banknote depicts a Portrait of King Gent along with Ancient Illyrian Daorson coins and the Purple outline of the building façade of the Bank of Albania.

The reverse depicts an Amphitheatre at Butrint in Saranda District and Great Yellow Gentian – a medicinal herb whose healing attributes were discovered by King Gen. These banknotes are part of the current Albanian Lek banknotes series.

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