Suryamall Misran Commemorative Stamp

21 Mar 2022  Mon

Suryamall Misran was a poet-historian from Bundi, Rajasthan. He was a great scholar of grammar, logic, history and politics. His important works Vansh Bhaskar, Vir Satsai, Balwant Vilas and Chhandomayukh.

Suryamall Misran was well-versed in astronomy, religion, culture, astrology, philosophy. He got the education of grammar, verses, poetry, astrology, Ashvadhak and Chanakya Shastra from his teacher Pandit Ashanand. Swami Swarupadas trained him in Yoga, Vedanta, Nyaya, and Vaiseshika literature. He learned to play the veena and Persian from another master, Muhammad.

Suryamall Misran resists the British government. He warned the British if the British stayed on, no one would be lord of the land, and all would become Isai (Christian). He wrote letters to most of the kings and Thakurs of Rajputs to stand against the British government.

This commemorative stamp was issued in 1990 by the Indian government to commemorate him and his work.

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