2002 Belize Mayan King Coin

15 Mar 2022  Tue

The 2002 Belize 1 Dollar silver Mayan king coin is a prime example of a highly collectible coin with traditional Central American styling. This coin has a high collectible value as art and iconography have captured the imaginations of people across the globe.

The obverse depicts a highly detailed rendition of the Belize coat of arms. The country of issue is proudly inscribed along the top of the rim and the 1 Dollar domination can be found along the bottom.

The reverse depicts a Mayan king with a traditional and very ornate headdress with stylized Mesoamerican artistic motifs. The title "Mayan King" traces along the left side of the rim. The year 2002 appears on the very bottom and marks the coin's date of issue.

Image Courtesy: gainesvillecoins.com

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