Copper Paisa Minted at Ratlam

24 Jan 2022  Mon

The copper Paisa of Shah Alam II from Ratlam was issued with regnal year. The obverse of the coin shows ‘Raej in the dotted inner circle, RY date, and Persian legends. And the other side of the coin depicts branch, mint name, and Julus formula.

Ratlam princely state was a part of the Malwa Agency of Central India. Its capital town was Ratlam and had an area of 1795 square kilometers. Its territory was inextricably intermingled with Sailana boundaries. The state was founded by Ratan Singh in 1652.

Its boundaries touch the territories of the Jaora and Pratabgarh towards the north side, Gwalior to the east, Dhar, Kushalgarh and Indore to the south, and Banswara to the west side. In 1921, the gun salute was increased from 11 to 15 by the British authority. The flag of the state has a rectangular horizontal bicolor of equal bands of green and yellow respectively.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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