Purandaradasa Commemorative Stamp

13 Jan 2022  Thu

Purandaradasa was a great devotee of Lord Krishna, a poet, and a musician, a great composer, singer, and one of the chief founding proponents of Carnatic music. He is considered the father of Carnatic Music.

Purandaradasa was a wealthy merchant of gold, silver, and other miscellaneous jewelry from Karnataka; he gave away all his wealth to worship lord, Krishna.

Purandaradasa has composed around 4,75,000 songs in Kannada and Sanskrit languages. In his songs, he describes various aspects of Sri Krishna's life. He had identified around 84 ragas, each of his lyrics is beautifully composed. His work touched a variety of musical types- Kritis, Keertans, Padams, and even many rare forms of music.

Image Courtesy: colnect.com

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