Kunwar Singh Commemorative Stamp

11 Jan 2022  Tue

Kunwar Singh is also known as BabuKunwar Singh; he was the notable leader during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 CE. He is popularly known as Veer Kunwar Singh or Veer BabuKunwar Singh.

Kunwar Singh was born on 13 November 1777 to Maharaja Shahabzada Singh and Maharani Panchratan Devi, in Jagdispur of the Shahabad, now in Bhojpur, in the Indian state of Bihar. He belongs to the Ujjainiya Rajput clan.

Kunwar Singh was almost 80 years old; when he took charge of the sepoys stationed at Danapur on 25 July 1857. He was the chief organizer of the fight against the British in Bihar. Under this fight, the troops under his control routed East India Company completely. Kunwar Singhfought bravely against the British East India Company. He brought down the union jack from Jagdishpur Fort and hoisted his flag. He returned to his palace on 23 April 1858 and soon died on 26 April 1858.

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