Jahangir Zodiac Leo Rupee Sold For INR 1,95,000 Hammer Price

29 Dec 2021  Wed

Jahangir was the fourth Emperor of the Mughal Dynasty; he ruled Mughal between 1605 CE and 1627 CE. The meaning of the word Jahangir is ‘conqueror of the world'.

The reign of Jahangir in the Mughal Empire is marked with remarkable varieties and magnificent coins. His portrait and Zodiac signs coins are excellent examples of the evolution of epigraphic and calligraphy.

In Zodiac ‘Leo’ was the special sign of Mughal Emperor Jahangir because it was his birth sign according to Iranian astrology.

The obverse of this coin depicts a lion emerging from the sun with the regnal year 13 at the bottom. Both the ‘lion and Sun’ were also the Mughal emblem of the state. The reverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Zar Ahmedabad Ra dad Zewar, Shah Jahangir Shahenshah Akbar, with Hijri date and complete mint name at the bottom.’

This silver rupee that weighs around 11.24g, was issued by Jahangir from the mint Ahmedabad. The coin was sold for INR 195000 and an auction of Oswal Antiques was held in Kolkatta on 25th December 2021.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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