Vasithiputa Siva SiriPulumavi Silver Drachma Listed For INR 25,000

18 Dec 2021  Sat

This silver rupee weighs around 2.26g was king Vasithiputa Siva SiriPulumavi during his rule in Satavahana Empire. VasithiputaPulamavi was the ruler of the Savahana Empire. He was the son of GautamiputraSatakarni.

The Satavahana Empire ruled large parts of India from the 2nd Century BCE till the 2nd Century CE. The Satavahana Empire had played an important role in Indian history. This empire is also known as the Andhras in Deccan and their capital was at Paithan or Pratishthan. They ruled a large part of Telangana, Andhra-Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and parts of today's Gujarat.

This silver drachma is listed for INR 25,000 in the upcoming auction of Classical Numismatic Gallery that will be held in Kolkatta on 26th December 2021. The obverse side of this silver drachma depicts the bust of the king facing towards the right, and the Brahmi legend Ra├▒oVasithiputasa Siva SiriPulumavisa around. The reverse side of this silver drachma depicts the 'Ujjain' symbol, a six-arched hill with the crescent, sun, and wavy line in the center; a legend in Southern BrahmiArahanakuVahittiMakanakuTivaTiruPudumaviku around.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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