Battle of the Bulge fought today in 1944

16 Dec 2021  Thu

The Battle of Bulge; is also called as Battle of Ardennes. It was the largest battle fought on the western front in Europe during World War II. It is also the largest battle ever fought by the United States Army.

The Battle of Bulge took from December 16, 1944, to January 25, 1945. Battle of the Bulge launched through the densely forested Ardennes region between Belgium and Luxembourg towards the end of the war in Europe. The Battle of Bulge; is considered as one the most important battles of wars, along with Stalingrad, D-Day, Monte Cassino, and Midway.

This commemorative stamp was issued by the Maldives to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge during World War II in 2014.

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