60 Years of Kolkata Mint on Coins

15 Dec 2021  Wed

The East India Company settlement at Calcutta was established on 24.08.1690 and around 1757-1791 the First East India Company Mint, called the “Alinagar-Calcutta” Mint was set up which went through development with the passage of time.

The Government Mint Kolkata of Independent India was established before World War II started at Alipore which became fully functional on 19th March 1952 producing coins, medals, decorations, and badges. In the year 2002, the mint celebrated its 60th Anniversary which was celebrated with a new commemorative coin issue.

Both Proof and Uncirculated coins sets in the denomination of Rs.60/- and Rs.5/- have been issued. The obverse of the Rs. 60/- coin features, on the top center, the Lion Capital of Emperor Ashoka which is the emblem of the Government of India. The denomination of the coin is below the Lion Capitol preceded by the rupee symbol. The reverse depicts the logo of Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited and the building of Kolkata mint.

Image Courtesy: spmcil.com

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