50th Anniversary of the Australian Aboriginal Flag

16 Dec 2021  Thu

Australia has a colorful new circulating commemorative 2 Dollar coin, this one showcasing the Aboriginal flag. The Royal Australian Mint on Nov. 24 announced its release of the circulating 2 Dollars commemorative coin, to mark 50 years since the first raising of the Aboriginal flag in 1971.

The Aboriginal Flag is a cherished symbol of contemporary Australian Aboriginal identity, unity, and pride, and this commemorative coin will serve as an enduring acknowledgment of our shared history. The Australian Aboriginal flag was first flown in 1971 at a land rights march in Adelaide’s Victoria Square.

Harold Thomas’ iconic flag design is represented on the coin with the black and red fields printed over a relief pattern of miniature flags. The center of the coin is left bare, allowing the golden color of the coin’s alloy to shine through as a representation of the flag’s central yellow sun motif. The coin depicts the Jody Clark effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

Image Courtesy: coinworld.com

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