Lady Justice on Gibraltar Coins

14 Dec 2021  Tue

Lady Justice, a longstanding motif on coinage, appears on two new 2021 gold coins for Gibraltar. These coins, from Scottsdale Mint, pay homage to the noble ideal of pure and impartial justice.

Lady Justice appeared on coinage throughout history, as early as around A.D. 100 in the Roman Empire. Issued in 2021, 1 Troy Ounce gold and silver coins which feature show on their reverses the figure of Lady Justice, the embodiment of the ancient idea that justice should be blind. The obverse of both coins displays the coat of arms of the government of Gibraltar along with metal weight, purity, and face value.

Wearing a blindfold and standing with measuring scales, Lady Justice relies only upon the facts to weigh her decision. The personification of the idea of justice as a woman is from ancient Rome where Justitia was the goddess of justice. In addition to her blindfold and the scales she carried in one hand, she also bore a sword to enforce this justice.

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