Gandhi Commemorated by Mongolia

03 Dec 2021  Fri

Mahatma Gandhi is not only revered as a national hero in India. Many people regard him as a symbol that change can be done without using force. Whether it is Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela, many important historical figures refer to Gandhi as their great political role model.

The Coin Invest Trust issued a set of two new Gold and Silver coins as a part of the revolutionary series on behalf of the Bank of Mongolia. After Chinggis Khaan (2014), Fidel Castro (2017), Che Guevara (2018), and Karl Marx (2019), the 2020 edition is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, the great pioneer of nonviolent resistance.

This 1000 Togrog coin depicts the national emblem on the obverse whereas the reverse depicts a frontal portrait of Mahatma Gandhi wearing a khadi drape around his shoulders. In the left-field MAHATMA GANDHI is written in Latin and Mongolian script with the year of issue. The obverse features the coat of arms of the Bank of Mongolia, below in Cyrillic script 1000 Togrog, and in Latin script MONGOLIA. On the silver coin 1 oz .999 SILVER, on the gold coin 0.5 g .9999 GOLD.
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