The Battle of Warsaw Remembered on a Banknote

20 Oct 2021  Wed

August 2020 s the hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw, a decisive victory by Polish forces again Lenin’s Bolshevik Russian army in the Polish-Soviet War, and one that historians say halted the spread of communism into Western Europe until the end of World War II.

The National Bank of Poland and the local printer PWPW have created some of the most sought-after collectible banknotes for years. They have created and issued low denomination Zloty banknotes to highlight historical people and events. In the year 2020 Poland issued a 20 Zloty note commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw.

The face design is based on the painting The Year 1920 by Kazimierz Mankowski and shows his portrayal of the chief of state and commander of Polish forces, Jozef Pi?sudski. Warsaw’s skyline is in the background. This site also has the Cross of Valor with the Polish eagle and the inscription “Na polu chwa?y” (On the field of glory). The wreath of oak leaves and plant motifs are copied from the 100 Polish mark note of 1919.

The back of the 20-zloty note presents the central fragment of Jerzy Kossak’s painting The Miracle on the Vistula under a banner with Poland’s red and white colors. It depicts a symbolic scene of Chaplain Ignacy Skorupka leading volunteer infantry soldiers on the attack. There is also a wreath of laurel leaves, the Commemorative Medal for the War of 1918–1921, and a fragment of the public appeal titled “Homeland in Danger” issued by the Government of National Defense on Aug. 5, 1920.

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