Top Twelve Vintage Stamp of the year

18 Oct 2021  Mon

Previous two year were greatly effect by the Pandemic COVID-19, the auction houses have been f forced to conduct their philatelic sale in accordance with new health protocols that underlines the significance of preserving social distancing and other guidelines when running a business.

In the first half of the year, many auctions were stabilized a bit in the second part of 220 as many companies decided to trade the stamp online allowing collectors to avoid danger of catching the virus when bidding in person.

The result of 2020 was quite impressive, as auction house managed to sell the most important philatelic item from various collections. Including ‘ the William H Gross Collection: the United States1847 First Issues, ‘ Lugano’, The Edward Morton Collection Of Outstanding Quality Us Stamp, Erivan Collection of United and Confederate Taste Postal History , etc. our ranking will tell you about the most impressive lost that were auctioned in 2020.

Image Courtesy: findyourstamp value

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