U Tirot Sing Commemorative Stamp

14 Oct 2021  Thu

Tirot Sing is also called U Tirot Sing, was one of the Khasi chiefs during the early 19th Century. He was the great freedom fighter of Meghalaya who led a revolt against the British. Tirot Sing was born in the year 1802 CE, he drew his linage from the Syiemlieh clan. He declares war against Britishers for their attempts to take over control of the Khasi Hills.

After the Treaty of Yandabo in 1826, the British's wanted to gain control over the Brahmaputra valley. They wanted to construct the road to connect Guwahati with Sylhet to save weeks of travel and malarious country. Initially, both British and Tirot Sing came to the agreement of making the road between Guwahati and Sylhet. But, Balaram Singh, Raja of Ranee, disputed Tirot Sing's claims to the duars and went ahead with a party of armed men to establish his claim. When Tirot Sing got the idea about British reinforcing forces in Assam, Tirot Sing convened a durbar again and passed orders for the British to evacuate Nongkhlaw Tirot Singh resolved to drive out the British from the Khasi hills in April 1829; hundreds of his men attacked a British garrison, triggering the Anglo-Khasi war, which was to last for four years. Later, Tirot Sing was captured by the British and deported to Dhaka where he died in jail on July 17th, 1835.

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