Moving Hanuman on Panna Coin

13 Oct 2021  Wed

Panna was a sanad state of the Bundelkhand Political Agency. The state covered an area of 2,492 square miles. Presently, it is located in Panna district of Madhya Pradesh. It lies between Banda district, Ajaigarh district and Bhaisaunda in the north, Kothi, Nagod, Sohawal and Ajaigarh in the east, Jubbulpore and Damoh district in the south and Chhatarpur, Charkhari, Bijawar and Alipura in the west. Panna state was entitled to an 11 gun salute by the Imperial rule of India.

The Panna chiefs were BundelaRajputs from the Orchha family. After the death of Orchha ruler, Jhular Singh in 1635, entire Budelkhand experienced anarchy. ChampatRai, a grandson of Udot Singh, the brother of Madhukar of Orchha took advantage of anarchy and recognised himself as a leader of cause for unifying Bundela.

Panna princely state issued a copper Paisa in the name of Shah Alam II on which Lord Hanuman is seen as running towards right side. The mentioned date is in Anno Hijri calendar. The obverse of the coin depicts, “King’s Name and title, Lord Hanuman Running to Right”. And the reverse of the coin features, “RY date, Mint name and Julus formula”.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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