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Canadian Woman on Banknotes

28 Sep 2021  Tue

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau issued an iconic banknote of Canada in the year 2018. With this banknote Canada is taking a first step towards women empowerment.

On the left side there is the issuing institute and the coat of arms of Canada with a vertical holographic stripe. The portrait is of William Lyon MacKenzie King, several times Prime Minister of Canada between 1921-1930 and between 1935-1948. In the center is a view of the Peace Tower with a legend to his right. Below the legend is the note's face value "50" accompanied by a watermark with the portrait of William Lyon MacKenzie King and above the legend a Canadian flag.

The image depicts the theme "Building the Nation". On the left side, the 1929 newspaper "Women are Persons": This is an excerpt from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. Above in the center is a scale of justice. On the right-hand side of the banknote is an illustration of the statue "The Famous Five". Below the statue is a representation of the Thérèse Casgrain Volunteer Award. It contains a bilingual quotation from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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