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Solar Symbols on Squared Coin

26 Jul 2021  Mon

It is fascinating to watch solar symbols with serrated rays on a squared coin of Rampura princely state. The reverse of the coin depicts Sri Rampura in Devanagari.

Rampura Princely state was a part of Rohilkhand of United Provinces. It covered an area of 893 square miles. The state’s boundaries were bounded by Naini Tal in the north, Bareilly in the east, Budaun in the south and Moradabad in the west. Ramganga River flows from northwest to southeast across the southern part of the state. The other two important rivers of the state were Koshi and Nahal. It is rich in alluvial soil with hardly any rocky land. The commonly found animals of this region were leopard, tiger, hog, antelope, nilgai, hares, partridges, quail, wild duck, florican and small sand grouse.

The early history of the state is similar to that of Rohilkhand. During the 17th century, both the brothers, Shah Alam and Husain Khan joined the service of the Mughal Emperor. Daud Khan, son of Shah Alam joined Marathas army and received a grant of land near Badaun. In 1719, his adopted son, Ali Muhammad received the title of Nawab and a grant of a bigger part of Rohikhand agency.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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