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Silver Rupee of Patiala Princely State

18 Jun 2021  Fri

Patiala princely state was the largest, wealthiest, and the most populated state of Phulkian, Punjab. The rulers claimed their origin from the Bhatti family of Jaisalmer, Jaisal. It lies in the eastern plains of the Punjab which was a part of Indo-Gangetic Plain West. It also comprised of a portion of the Shimla hills and the Narnaul.

Baba Ala Singh established Patiala state in 1763. He laid the foundation of the Qila Mubarak fort. In the Third Battle of Panipat, Marathas were defeated by the Afghans in 1761. Hereafter, the rulers of Patiala began to acquire the advantage of royalty. He was succeeded by his grandson Amar Singh and he received the title of Raja-I-Rajan. He was permitted to strike coins too. Patiala rulers joined hands with the British against Ranjit Singh in 1808. Thereafter, Patiala came under a subsidiary alliance system.

An adjoined image is of a silver Rupee issued by Amar Singh in name of Ahmed Shah Durrani from Patiala mint. The obverse of the coin depicts, “King’s Name and title”. And the backside of the coin shows, “RY date, Flower symbol, Mint mark, Zarb and Julus formula”.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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