India Cyprus Joint Philatelic Issue

14 Jun 2021  Mon

India Cyprus issued a set of two stamps in collaboration, on the theme of Costumes and Folklore, featuring two distinct folklores of the countries Nati of India and Kouzal/Stamna dance of Cyprus.

Nati is the most popular folk dance of Himachal Pradesh, India. It derives its name from the Sanskrit word "Natya and Nritya". The dance is not for the audience but for one’s own pleasure.

Kouza / Stamna is the most famous folk dance of Cyprus. Everyone in the village irrespective of age and sex joins this community dance during festivals, marriages, and other functions.

Both the countries issued a set of two stamps, having the same design but different denominations. The stamps issued in India value Rs.15 each and the stamps of Cyprus have the denomination of 40 Euro Cent each.

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