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The Euro before the Euro

10 Jun 2021  Thu

Napoleon Bonaparte seized the French Throne after the French Revolution and brought about changes in the country. One of them was the European monetary standard. With this, Napoleon wanted to create the first European monetary standard that would be followed uniquely throughout.

Hence, he issued The 20 and 40 franc gold coins which were called “Napoleon”. Depicted portraits of the emperor or of his relatives, these coins continued till the 19th century. It was the Euro before the Euro as Switzerland had 20 Swiss franc pieces, Spain had 20 peseta coins, Italy had 20 lira pieces.

Belgium had 20 Belgian franc coins, and Greece had 20 drachma coins, all of which circulated and were accepted throughout Europe. Only for political reasons did the United Kingdom and the German Empire refuse to follow this direction.

Image Courtesy: numisbid.com

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