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Canadian Confederation Centenary Celebration

06 May 2021  Thu

Royal Mint Canada is issuing a set of three commemorative proof coins to celebrate the 100 years of the coming of age of the Canadian Confederation. Each coin is a separate chapter represented by a different mode of transportation and art style.

During the first 100 years of Confederation, the story of Canada was shaped by challenging efforts to bridge the distances of this huge country and come together first by rail, then by sea, and finally — by air. The story unfolds in the series entitled “The First 100 Years of Confederation,” a three-part collection of some of the mechanized history-makers that helped shape a modern Canada.

The second coin in the series is designed by artist Glen Green. Featured on the reverse is a detailed depiction of HMCS Saguenay, a River-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy. Surrounded by Art-Deco design elements, the text above the primary design reads 50 DOLLARS CANADA arranged in two lines.

The obverse features the effigies of the five British Monarchs depicted on Canadian coinage since 1867 and whose combined reigns span a century of change. Canada’s current sovereign, HM Queen Elizabeth II, is seen at the top. Clockwise, the effigies of King George VI, King George V, King Edward VII, and Queen Victoria complete the design. Each effigy is accompanied by a Latin inscription stating the monarch’s name and royal title, as seen on some of Canada’s most historic coins.

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