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Silver Xerafim of Indo-Portuguese sold for INR 55,000

23 Apr 2021  Fri

This silver Xerafim issued by John IV of Indo-Portugal weighs around 11.03g. This coin is listed for INR 55,000 in an electronic auction of Todywalla that was held on 18th April 2021. King John IV sat on the throne of Indo-Portugal in the year 1604 and ruled it until 1656. His accession established the House of Braganza on the Portuguese throne and marked the end of the 60-year-old Iberian Union, by which Portugal and Spain shared the same monarch.

The obverse of this silver Xefafim depicts the standing figure of St. John divides SI and date. The reverse of this coin depicts crowned arms divide GA.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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