Shakya Janapada Double Karshapna Listed For INR 15,000

02 Apr 2021  Fri

Janapada is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Jana’ and ‘Pada’, Jana means people and pada means foot, hence, the word Janapada could mean, ‘foothold of the tribes’. The Janapada was the highest political unit during the ancient period. The head of this kingdom was Rajan or King, A chief (purohita) or priest, and a (senani) or commander of the army who would assist the king. There were two other political bodies Sabha and Samiti. The sabha was the council of elders and the samiti was the general assembly of the entire people.

The Shakya Janapada were one of the sixteen Mahajanapadas of India. The capital of this Janapadas was Kapilavastu, which includes the modern village of Chitradei Ramghat, Sandwa, and Tilaura.

This double Karshapana uniface coin that weighs around 6.34g was issued from Shakya Janapada. The obverse of this coin depicts the Main punch of a circle surrounded by five crescents. This double Karshapana is listed for INR 15,000 in an upcoming auction of Oswal Antiques that will be held in Mumbai on 25th April 2021.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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