Abbasid Caliph Al Mustadi died today

30 Mar 2021  Tue

Al Mustadi was the Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad from 1170 to 1180. He succeeded his father Caliph Al-Mustanjid in 1170 as the Abbasid Caliph.

Like his predecessor, he continued to occupy a more or less independent position, with a vizier and courtly surroundings and supported by only a small force sufficient for an occasional local campaign. During his reign, Saladin ended the Shia Fatimid Caliphate, became the Sultan of Egypt and declared his allegiance to the Abbasids.

This great Abbasid is extremely friendly towards the Jews, many of his officers being of that nation; he understands all languages, is well versed in Mosaic Law, and reads and writes the Hebrew tongue. He enjoys nothing but what he earns by the labour of his own hands and therefore manufactures coverlets, which he stamps with his seal, and which his officers sell in the public market..."

Depicted here is a coin issued under the reign of Al-Mustadi from Madinat al-Salam. The obverse of the coin depicts Al-Imam al-Mustadi bi-amr Allah Amir al-Mu'minin.

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