Pitera Dura

11 Mar 2021  Thu

Pitera Dura is the art of carving on a stone. It is mostly used in designing mosaic: it is a work of art done on a hard stone with the different pieces of coloured stones. This art highly illustrates the pictures out of pieces of coloured –stone. This resulted in decorative mosaics that were used in table-top and small wall panel. The pietra dura is an art technique of lapidary marquetry. The works in pietra dura often represent floral motifs, plants, or natural settings. More recently this technique is used to represent geometric shapes.

The words "Pietra dura" come from Italian, it means "hard stone", but also "semi-precious stone". This art signifies hardness and durability of the material used in the work. The stone used in this are quartzes, chalcedonies, granites and various colour-stone. The technique of pietra dura is a Florentine invention on the end of the 16th century, at the time of the Medici.

India Post issued a sheetlet of 12 stamps in 2017 to celebrate New Year. The 11th stamp of this block depicts the tabletop showing the famous Peitra Dura.

Image Courtesy: Colnet

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