Romania Post Features Famous Women on Stamps

09 Mar 2021  Tue

Romania Post Features Famous Women on Stamps. This set of three stamps was issued on 5th March 2021 on the occasion of Women’s Day. Designed by George Ursachi, the stamps come in the denominations of 1.40 Romanian leu, 1.50 Romanian leu and 19.50 Romanian leu.

The 1.40 Romanian leu stamp features Alice Voinescu – the first Romanian female doctor of philosophy. The second stamp of 1.50 Romanian leu features Smaranda Braescu who was the first female parachutist with a license in Romania and held, in the 1930s, skydiving (parachuting) world records.

The last stamp with the highest denomination was a 19.50 Romanian leu stamp. It features Sarmiza Bilcescu who was the first woman lawyer in Romania, the first woman to study law at the Sorbonne University in Paris and the first woman in the world to obtain a PhD in law.

The stamps bear the portrait of these extraordinary ladies of Romania on a plain background along with their names and achievements.

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